5e Elder Scrolls Homebrew

    The town of Senchal was besieged by vines and plant life, destroying bunkers and snatching town guards and residents. From that madness four individuals banded together out of necessity, escaping the bunker they were in before it collapsed and fending off dangers until guardsmen could reach them. The Four Survivors, having stared death in the face and emerging alive, made a pact with one another: they would undergo one grueling month of training at the guilds of Senchal.

    After the one month of grueling training, the Four Survivors meet up at the tavern, the same diner they were in the night of the siege, to celebrate their graduation and discuss current affairs. Their conversations turned unbearably grim, much like the atmosphere of the town around them. All was not well in Senchal. The Imperial Legion forces stationed in the town took a heavy blow during the siege, which is a painful blow to a garrison who were already suffering from lack of gear, tensions with the locals, and corruption among the members. On top of that, Senchal itself was still under threat on all sides, with wildlife in the forest living hostile, residents still forest hostile, residents still forced to remain indoors at night to hide from a hue shadow flying overhead, and the town's economy was suffering from a tanking fishing trade due to more large shadows spotted off the coast. Agree that something must be done, the Four Survivors get a quest from the Fighters Guild to patrol the roads near Senchal and set out into the forest. While they were out exploring Frinn noticed three magical auras permeating the forest: a dark violet aura, an emerald green aura, and a yellow green aura. A nearby bush started shaking seemingly influenced by two of the airborne auras. Following the trail near said bush, the Four Survivors become ingulfed by an eerily quieted forest before the foliage gave way to a clearing with three black wolves.

    The Four Survivors and Hardir mentally steel themselves for their fight. Events turn sour very quickly as Hardir snatched away by a giant spider, a spriggan joins the enemy ranks and the party realizes they forgot to buy potions of healing. In dire straits, Frinn rips off his pendant to reveal he is, in fact, a Dremora, serving a mysterious being called Klacanes. The spriggan gives Vezera a vague warning before attacking once more. The Four Survivors somehow escape alive and limp back to town. After getting screwed out of payment via Za'zakar and his fine print, Frinn channeled his inner Nazi to burn books, and Vezera literally giving a part of himself to the cause, the Four Survivors are given a new quest to go hunt a large black bear that has been harassing local farms after much shopping, the Four Survivors set off once more, heading for and camping outside what they believe to be the next farm the bear will attack.

    Halfway through the night, the Four Survivors are attacked by bandits! Surviving the assault, they kill the black bear, orphaning baby cubs, one of which Frinn attacked out of supposed mercy. After claiming the price on the beast's head, the four set out to find a dwemer ruin. After many shenanigans involving deer and Vezeera's family jewels, the group falls into their destination. A fight ensues in the spider infested foyers

    After surviving the spiders the party ventures deeper through a room of mushroom men and a bounce room of shrooms, until they eventually come to a room where they face off against an Earthmother Upon its fiery death via a makeshift fire bomb the Four Survivors are lifted into darkness via a platform in the center of the room.

    The battle with the Earthmother, still burned in their minds, the Four Survivors awoke to find themselves in another life-threatening situation: they find themselves on a platform teetering precariously over a seemingly bottomless void. Thankfully, the Four Survivors make it safely off the platform and begin to properly take in their unfamiliar surroundings. In front of them laid mountains, a desert, and a forest of dead trees, and behind them a lush island floating above the void. And as Leolay noticed, above them was an observer of their arrival: a male Bosmer, sitting on a staff suspended in midair. The Bosmer descended from his perch suspended in the air informed Frinn that in bringing the party, his job was done and Klacanes no longer required his service. Holding out his hand, Frinn’s amulet was ripped away, flying into the Bosmer’s hand, Frinn’s magic going with it. Saying his job was done, the Bosmer snapped his fingers and a blue barrier sprung to life around them, and he told them had two minutes to ask him for any information they needed. Outside of learning the Bosmer’s name was Xander, the party learns they are on Klacanes’ plane of Oblivion, known as the Plane of Emendation, and that Frinn was tasked with bringing the party here to become a part of the army Klacanes is building for. Xander informed the Four Survivors their only chance of escape was to make it through the desert before nightfall. What they did not learn however, included why Klacanes was building an army or what they needed to find once they made it through the desert, a fact the Four Survivors would kick themselves for later. Regardless, the magical aura dissolved, Xander warped away, and the party made haste through the desert. On the walk, Frinn remembers a few things that he previously couldn’t, including the fact that much like the rest of the party, Klacanes abducted him from Peryite’s plane of Oblivion against his will, forced him to bring the others here, then threw him away like a piece of trash. The Four Survivors were also assaulted by goblins, who popped up out of the ground. Making quick work of them, they kept moving and finally made it through the desert, into a deadwood forest. In the forest, they meet two orcs known as Boramog and Gogrub, who are surprised to see someone else surviving like them in this place. After explaining their plight, Boramog invites the Four Survivors to take shelter with their tribe. The Four Survivors, realizing both that the sun was setting and they had no clue what they were looking for, thanked Boramog and followed the two back to their tribe’s camp. Said camp was on a floating island, connected to the mainland during the day by a bridge made of a crystal the tribe knew as Jet. The Four Survivors were then introduced to Uragbul, the chieftain of the tribe, who introduces the other members of his tribe of fifteen, soon to be sixteen. Uragbul then provided the party with an exposition dump about the inhabitants and dangers of Emendation. Emendation’s hostile inhabitants included goblins, hyena-men, snake-men, and wurms. Even the mainland of the plain was alive in a way, the layout shifting every single night. The only things that never changed position were the floating islands, like the one the tribe lived on. The orcs, believing themselves forsaken by Malacath, strive to reach Paradise Rock, the lush island floating in the center of Emendation. Armed with this information and a rough map of the mainland, the Four Survivors set off the next morning to gather materials to aide both in their survival and assist the tribe. After being attacked by more goblins, the Four Survivors mine enough iron ore to fill their backpacks and chop down a decent deadwood log to fashion into a sand strider. On the way back, they encounter one of the inhabitants the orcs warned the Four Survivors about: the hyena-men, also known as gnolls. One fight in which Leolay was revealed as a dog racist later, the Four Survivors return to camp doused in goblin and gnoll blood, pulling a deadwood log laden with backpacks full of iron ore and a gnoll prisoner, much to the disapproval of Leolay. Vezeera, Trajan, and Frinn proceeded to tie and muzzle the gnoll so they could question him later to learn more information about Emendation that the orcs didn’t know.

    When the Four Survivors wake the next morning, Vezeera suggested that Frinn, who had been having…issues in the last few fights, pick himself up from being dumped by Klacanes and find a new patron, perhaps in the Daedric Prince Malacath. Seeing the wisdom in his advice, he decided to go speak to Ultaga about a shrine to pray to Malacath at while Vezeera and Trajan went to go interrogate their gnoll hostage. Leolay decide to follow Frinn as to not have to deal with the gnoll yet. After promising Ultaga another ‘examination’ later that night, Frinn was directed to the little shrine to Malacath the orcs had in camp, and Frinn prayed at the shrine, calling out for the blessing and patronage of the great Malacath…which really confused Malacath, as being contacted by lesser Daedra is an uncommon occurrence for him, to say the least. However, after explaining the Four Survivors’ current situation with Klacanes, Malacath agreed to become Frinn’s patron so he can stand a chance against what the “runt” Klacanes throws at the party, with the agreement that Frinn would help in his effort to spread the good word of Malacath, who was starting to feel no one understood him. So, Frien exited the tent and told Leolay the good news that he gained Malacath’s blessing, though a quick attempt to conjure a spell still failed, which confirmed that Malacath was correct when he said his powers might take a while to reach Frinn. Regardless, the two decided to go see if Vezeera and Trajan were done interviewing the gnoll. The hyena-man’s cackles as the two approached basically confirmed they hadn’t. Now that the Four Survivors were together, the interview became much more fruitful, thanks to the help of a few Natural 20s and Frinn’s use of the darkest art known to the races of man: diplomacy. You see, the gnoll was sad and uncooperative, because of course being a follower/creation of Hircine kind of sucks when there’s no true hunts around, with Emendation making the call of the beast even harder to control. As such, the gnolls felt they had been forsaken by Hircine, basically confirmed to them due to Hircine ignoring their prayers to him. Upon finding this out, Frinn told the gnoll he would attempt to contact Hircine, even if it meant carving his own shrine, and almost successfully converted the gnoll to the Church of Malacath. He failed in the end, but Frinn still heard someone, presumably Malacath, praise him for his efforts. As such, Frinn decided to go speak with Ultaga once more on the prospects of making a shrine to contact Hircine and perhaps uniting the orcs and the gnolls. Meanwhile, Leolay, Trajan, and Vezeera were invited to accompany four of the orcs on a mining trip into the mountain range that had sprung up in front of their island in the middle of the night. Brolok was also accompanying them to try and prepare himself for his Rite of Passage, in which he would have to go slay a giant Wurm by himself. Ultaga was speechless to learn Frinn had talked to Malacath and gained his patronage, not only meaning he could most likely speak to Malacath without the need of a shrine, but that he might be the one spoken of in The Prophecy. See, the orc tribe held a belief that someone would come along and help the orcs back to Paradise Rock, which they knew as the original home of the orcs. Either way, she told him the best chance at making a shrine was to go find a big enough chunk of either Black Sapphire or Jet and bring it back where Urzul could teach him to chisel it. So, Frinn ran to catch up to the mining party, making the mining expedition eight members strong. Nine strong, if you counted Brolok. Explaining his goals as Malacath’s Chosen, the orcs agreed to help him find Black Sapphire. The group quickly came across a Black Sapphire crystal that was six feet tall and three feet in diameter, which one of the orcs RIPPED WHOLE OUT OF THE GROUND AND CARRY LIKE IT WAS NOTHING. So, after that and a failed attempt by Leolay to mine some more out of the ground, the eight adventurers (and Brolok) ventured deeper into to the canyons and mined more iron, before getting attack by lizard men, who tried to steal the huge chunk of Black Sapphire. During the fight, Leolay demonstrated another trait of his cat heritage when he realized that the snake- men’s blood was an amazingly shiny purple and Frinn finally accessed the power granted by Malacath, which surged so powerfully that he completely melted one of the snake-men. The snake-men defeated, the party started to head back with their haul of materials, another orc ripping a Jet cystral nine feet tall by five feet wide out of the ground. The group continues onwards, coming across a group of goblins. Frinn, having a bright idea, had the Jet crystal sat down so the eight adventures (and Brolok) could push the crystal at the goblins and crush them under it. And so, the party of eight pushed the Jet crystal at the goblins (no ‘and Brolok because he tripped) and crushed pretty much all of them. And so, after finishing off the few stragglers, the party finally made it back to camp with their massive haul of ores. Back at camp, the Four Survivors had a discussion with the Chief on topics including The Prophecy, Frinn’s involvement with said prophecy, and the possibility of a Dwarven airship to reach Paradise Rock. They also discussed the idea of either helping the gnolls or converting them to the Church of Malacath, though prospects were not good and made the worse by the fact that their prisoner had bleed to death gnawing off his arms since neither Frinn, Trajan, or Vezeera had thought to re-muzzle him to prevent that. Trajan also used the available iron to teach the smith wife Urzul how to forge steel. The next morning, Leolay and Trajan learned that they had gained magic abilities due to Malacath’s general inexperience with being a patron. Since the party was waiting on Urzul to forge some swords for Leolay and Vezeera as well as reinforcing Leolay’s armor, the rest of the day was spent in camp screwing around with magic and carving statues and a sand strider.