4e Characters

Sayori Satina

Played By: Ethan
Race / Class Age Description Image
Gnome / Bard 24 Sayori is a pale white Gnome Bard with red hair that is tied into a ponytail during combat, but let down any other time. She is 3'6.5", making her the second shortest in the party(by 0.5"). She always carries a lute and can usually be found by following the sound of said lute. Sayori is very charismatic to the point that she seems slutty, especially when it comes to dragonborn, who she seems to somehow always seduce. Sayori's Mini figure

Phaseolus Vulgaris

Played By:Nate
Race / Class Age Description Image
Gnome / Barbarian 69 Coming Soon! Phaseolus's Mini figure


Played By:CJ
"Electric Slide"

Erwin Rosin

Played By: Aaron